Diet Delivery – an Idea that could give you a Fair Chance when you try to Lose Weight

I’ve been 55 and 220 pounds for about a year now, and at a point, I decided that I was done with living this way. Before New Year’s swung around, I promised myself I would come down to a nice and healthy 150 pounds. There was just a little complication though – I have two energetic five-year old sons with quite an appetite between them; this is a house that’s stocked to fuel energy like that, not for someone looking to starve herself to fit into smaller pants. Temptation is at every turn in a house like this, and I would have to find a way to put blinkers on – even as I lived next to everything that I craved. To me, keeping it reasonable so far, meant polishing off just one pack of Pop Tarts and not all three in a box. How was I to cook hearty meals for my family, and still succeed in starving myself? The answer as it turned out, was right next door. A truck would stop by at my neighbors’ thrice a day with suspiciously large looking coolers to set on their doorstep. When I asked the delivery person what he was up to, it was a revelation to me – apparently, they called it daily diet delivery. I was intrigued.

What most people don’t seem to realize is, that it isn’t so much what diet plan you pick; if you could possibly work up the determination to stick with it, most plans would work. But I knew my weakness; I was never going to stick to a diet if I wasn’t happy with how it tasted. I even began to wonder if I might commit better to a diet if I realized that it was costing me money to buy food to go with it. I looked up all kinds of diet delivery services on the Internet, and after asking my friends, I narrowed it down to two: eDiets and Nu-Kitchen. eDiets delivers anywhere mostly; they supply a whole week’s worth of meals in one package every week. Nu-Kitchen delivers anywhere mostly – they deliver daily.

The all-in-one diet program, as expensive as it is, isn’t so popular anymore in today’s recessive environment. People are just buying their foods and diet supplements at the supermarket. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m kind of finicky about what I eat. If I lacked the skills to make diet meals at home, I was pretty confident that professionals would somehow find a way to put the taste back into lean food. So I placed my order for a five-day package with Nu-Kitchen. It cost more than $200, and the sticker said that the five-day plan would supply me with no more than 9000 calories altogether. When the package arrived the first day, I was quite excited, ven if I wasn’t really expecting much. Diet delivery, it turns out, isn’t as tasty as it should be, considering how they’re experts at work. It kind of looked like the kind of stuff you might get in the hospital. The food often looked somewhat unrecognizable, tasteless, and not tempting or desirable at all. It was so disappointing that I had to supplement my diet meal with more satisfying stuff from the fridge. I actually gained a little weight at the end of the week.

The eDiet diet delivery company was much cheaper –  it cost half what Nu-Kitchen did. Probably, they are able to do this because they save on cutting out the daily delivery. And these meals were much better. They arrived in a large FedEx package with 15 meals for five days. Their baked apple was great, but their meals were so-so. I was beginning to become disappointed with diet delivery services until I tried a local company called Zone Manhattan.

To begin with, their meals come with great recipes, lots of vegetables, everything fresh, and everything wonderfully done. And their meals are nothing like you would find in the hospital – seared T-bone, fruit  juices, buttered bagels at all. On top of all that, it follows the famous Zone Diet that recommends that you take in your carbs, your protein and your fat in a 4:3:3 ratio. I was so happy with what I was getting to eat, that I never cheated on my diet at all, and at the end of the week, I’d lost 5 pounds. Now here was a diet delivery service that I can work with. The thing is, Zone Manhattan, unlike the other companies, isn’t national. Perhaps if you could look for a local service yourself, you succeed with your diet delivery service.

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